Make sense of Biblical Greek to gain a deeper understanding of the scripture.

Online course for easy at-home study so ancient greek doesn’t have to be “greek to you.”

Gain understanding

Enjoy a simple but profound approach to this major biblical language

Gain revelation

Enjoy a new and in-depth perspective on biblical truths

See Lasting Results

Never look at God’s word and principles the same again.

Go from “maybe I can get this” to “I can actually learn Greek”

By the time you conclude this course, you will have experienced several breakthrough moments with the language.

Learn at your pace

Uncover truths

Dive Deeper

Dive Deeper



Get a grip on Greek.

Keith Trump’s seminars are well known for one thing above all else drastic and lasting results. Keith has spent over 30 years of his life immersed in the language of the New Testament.

Get started with an easy to engage with course and start growing in your walk with God today.

12 easy modules


Learn at your pace

Understand the Bible better

Don’t let Bible Greek remain a mystery to you any longer.




It is time to take your knowledge of God’s Word to the next level!

01 Welcome

Intro Video and Student Packet Download

02 Getting Greek 101 - An Introduction to the Greek Language


Session One: Introduction; Why Learn Greek Part One

Session Two: Why Learn Greek Part Two; How To Learn Greek

Session Three: A History Of Greek Language Part One

Session Four: A History Of Greek Language Part Two; The Greco Roman World Of The New Testament

Sessions 1-4 Quiz

03 Getting Greek 101 - The Greek Alphabet


Session Five: The Greek Alphabet

04 Getting Greek 101 - Dipthongs, Accent Marks, Breathing Marks, Punctuation, and Greek Vocabulary


Session Six: Greek Diphthongs, Accent Marks, and Breathing Marks

Sessions 5-6 Quiz

Session Seven: Greek Punctuation; The Most Common New Testament Greek Words

Session Eight: Important New Testament Greek Words In Greco Roman Culture

05 Getting Greek 101 - Greek Inflection and Introduction to Greek verbs


Session Nine: Greek Indefinite and Definite Articles; Greek Inflection Part One

Sessions 7-9 Quiz

Session Ten: Greek Inflection Part Two; Introduction To Greek Verbs

Session 10 Quiz

06 Getting Greek 101 - English Bible Translations


Session Eleven: Unlocking Limitations Of English Bible Translations

07 Getting Greek 101 - Greek Prepositions and more on Greek Verbs


Session Twelve: Greek Prepositions Part One

Session Thirteen: Greek Prepositions Part Two; Greek Verbs Part Two

Sessions 11-13 Quiz

08 Getting Greek 101 - Greek Word Studies


Session Fourteen: Greek Word Studies Part One

Session Fifteen: Greek Word Studies Part Two

Sessions 14-15 Quiz


See what others are saying

Rev. Rick Renner

Rev. Tony Cooke

Tony Cooke Ministries

It is a great pleasure to recommend Keith Trump’s “Getting Greek” seminar. I have valued Keith’s ministry and his expertise in the Greek language for many years. His pastoral background means that his teaching and applications are very practical, and he is a regular go-to guy for me when I have questions about the Greek. I know that your congregation will benefit from having Keith present this seminar at your church.

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